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Subject: suspension
  if a student gets suspended from a Canadian university for the duration of a year can they continue staying in Canada legally for the year without registering elsewhere for courses? If they remain within the country for the duration, what happens then? if this is illegal is there anything the person can do to change the status to being legal within Canada again?
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No - you can´t stay in Canada legally for a year without studying. Once you stop attending school for more than 90 days your study permit will be automatically canceled and you will no longer have status in Canada.

You need to change schools and start attending school full time again within 90 days of stopping your previous studies if you want to keep your status valid. You will need to notify CIC that you have changed schools. Or you can apply to change your status to visitor. You´ll need to apply for another study permit once you are ready to start attending school again.

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What should a student do if they remained in Canada without realizing this for the duration of the suspension? what are the next steps to rectify this and continue their stay in Canada?

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Contact CIC.
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Thank you.

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