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Subject: Canada PR Card Renewal

I am due to submit my application for my Canadian PR Card renewal at the end of this week wphich had expired about 2 months ago. However, I am due for a travel in about 3.5 weeks time.

(1) Is there a way to have my PR card processed before that? Is there a provision for urgent processing and how long is the processing time?
(2) In the event I cannot get my PR card renewed in 3 weeks time before my travel, is there a travel visa / document that I can apply for before leaving Canada which will allow me to return to Canada later?

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1) Yes - you can request urgent processing.
2) No - you can only apply for a travel document from outside of Canada.

Canada PR Card Renewal (in reply to: Canada PR Card Renewal)
hi Aurora25,

I am in the same boat as you were before.. i am applying for the renewal this week. And i have a requirement to travel as well. Did you apply for urgent processing ? Did you get it on time ? Please let me know so i can file accordingly. Will wait for your response.


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