Refugees life matters ..

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Subject: Refugees life matters ..
The youngest illegal immigrant died on the shores of Turkey RIP my little brother
Shame on the world´s leaders which are trying to use this image to gain a fist of vote

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Austria and Germany is teaching the rest of the world what the word Humanity mean..!!
Danke , respect
Because some country leaders can spell that word but they do not know it does mean....!!??

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Talk is cheap, would you give $20 every week for next 20 years to support a refugee, of coarse not, would you go there to fight, of coarse not.Not only Syrians are suffering, how many refugee camps around the world? Europe cannot take everyone , not enough room. So young man from Syria and Iraq must go back to fight for there freedom.
Canada taking 25k refugee, just to look good in UN. Those people knows how to use the system and how to make kids. Just do the math. 25k x 5years= 125k on welfare.

from Europe

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