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Subject: O Canada my home and native land!
  Well I have to say, that being born in Canada and having the ability to travel is amazing! I first came to Thailand in 2000 after my first wife died.
I met my current wife Tanisa in Thailand 2000 and in 2003 we had our 1st child Meena, our son Mathew was born 2005 and we were legally married 2006, we have traveled to Canada twice as a family in both 2006,2009 and the trips were to introduce my new family to all my family and friends back there. In 2013 I went back to Canada to set up a home and a life for my family and by August of 2014 I was ready to care for family with steady employment and a good place for us to live.
My wife’s first attempt to get a visa to come and visit was in August of 2014 to get a visa: she was rejected. In November of 2104 I applied for her through a representative with letter from our MP endorsing the visa application together with copies of our son Matthew’s medical history and was rejected again!!!!!!! When I asked for a good reason or asked the representative at the Embassy for answers they just give me more forms to fill in and clearly didn’t care that our son has been without help for the past two and a half years: he is Autistic and cannot speaking fluently and needs 24hrs supervision which his mother is doing and doing a great job but, there´s only so much a mother can do. Getting help in Thailand is extremely difficult and if you don´t have the money to pay for Schools for children with Special Needs you have to do without and this result is due to inaction of someone not looking into all the details involved with my wife. She is a mother, caregiver and wife and by keeping my family separated instead of bringing it together, they have brought me to the verge of a deep depression.
I look forward to a reply from our well-paid and trusted civil servants who appear to look after every refugee and people from everywhere else but, when it comes to a Canadian-born national, raised with Canadian values, you don´t seem to give a damn, looking more towards the figures needed to help their political party or their personal agenda. When I was in Canada I worked with new immigrants and lived around immigrants but when trying to bring my wife and 2 children to Canada - we get rejected!!! This is both unacceptable and unconstitutional.

Kerry Nault
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The reason why the TRV was likely refused is that it was probably quite clear that your intent was to bring your wife to Canada for more than just a visit given you had now established a home here. I would submit an application to sponsor her for PR as soon as you can (it´s too bad you didn´t do this last summer - it´s quite possible she would have been approved by now). The sooner you kick off this process, the sooner she will be approved and be able to move to Canada permanently. Good luck.
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You are applying under the wrong visa category. You are telling the government that your wife and children are coming as a visitors and it is clear that your intentions are different. Visitors, are supposed to visit Canada and after their visit, they are supposed to leave. Any clue that makes the officer think that they are using the visitor´s visa to come to Canada to stay, will end up in a refusal, the MP has very little influence on this, way less than people think.

Stop applying as a visitor. You will get rejected pretty much every time.

Two questions:

1- Why haven´t you registered your children as Canadian citizens born abroad at the Canadian embassy?

2-Is there a reason on why your wife hasn´t applied as a family member and you sponsor her? The application might take a bit longer but that is the proper route.

This is not Canada not giving a damn, you are applying under the wrong category.

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