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Subject: Quality of life in Toronto
  Hi, everyone.

I have a simple question, and would like to hear especially from people who have immigrated to Toronto from US, especially from the New York area.

Is there a noticeable difference between the politeness, civility, etc, of Torontonians as compared to Americans, especially New Yorkers?
I just want to know if it pays to move to Toronto to escape the appalling environment down here. I appreciate any helpful information about how you experience things up there.

Thank you.

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More civil and polite for sure, but everything´s much more expensive. There are always pluses and minuses.
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Thanks for replying. I don´t mind it being a bit more expensive, if I don´t have to put up with people having a chip on their shoulder or agendas like they do here. I get the feeling that Torontonians leave each other alone, are more peaceful, just doing their thing. I was there a year ago and noticed that once again. I hope I´m correct. Since I don´t live there, I wanted to know if the people there actually agree with me, or if there are things I don´t see because I´m not there all the time.

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I´ve been to Toronto many times as a sightseer, and my impression is as you describe. It´s a very safe city and people are generally very friendly. If it wasn´t for the difficulty in finding professional employment in my field, I would have moved there despite the high cost of living.

Others with Toronto experience may want to chime in. Good luck.

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Thanks, both Anonymous repliers. I hope more people will chime in. And, if anyone has anything negative about Toronto to tell me, I hope they will. I want to hear all sides to aid in making my decision.
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