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Subject: land POE
Hi there,

if I do landing procedure through Detroit - Windsor Point of Entry, do I have to justify to the immigration officer (CBSA) that I have to go in Saskachewan(air ticket), because I got PR through Saskachewan-PNP.

I live in US, (Green Card Holder) and I am planning to go in Canada just to get PR, can I just go there do landing procedure at POE, stay there couple days and go back to US, and maintain PR 2 years out of 5 to stay in Canada,my PR will be shipped to a friends house in Canada..

So my question is, if CBSA will ask me about my itinerary to Saskachewan, because I am entering in Canada through Ontario, via train.

Thanks a lot
I appreciate for any help

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Yes, the officer can ask you about your itinerary.
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