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Subject: Win your Spouse Sponsorship Appeal

Have your chosen Counsel file your appeal with the IAD.

Have your Counsel submit an access to information request for your file while you wait for the local hearings officer to provide the record for you and your chosen Counsel.

When you both receive the record make sure that your Counsel blows up the GCSM notes as large as possible so that you both can read them easily. Currently they have no paragraphs and many have no Q & A type of questions so they are difficult to read and comprehend.

Read the record 10 times at least while looking for any pen marks left by any CIC or CBSA staff member. Check all the answers you gave on the forms and if you updated forms make sure that you have prrof those forms were sent via courier.

Remember you´re looking at THEIR evidence, so you need to search out for a logical explanation why the applicant (your partner) said what CIC claims he/she said.

Visa Officers make serious mistakes by asking illogical questions that can be interpreted differently. Examples are; (A) What is the cost of living for a couple in Canada - (That depends on where your clients intend to reside). (B) When did your relationship become one of a romantic nature. - (What your partner calls romantic nature may be the first time you two held hands), (first kiss), (first walk along the beach at sunset) or (sexual intercourse)!

If the local hearings office offers you/appellant an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) hearing focus only on the hearings officer asking you questions. You do not have to convince anyone else other then the person asking you questions. Do not expect your counsel to be asking any questions of you at your ADR. The ADR Officer is already of the opinion that your appeal may be settled at the ADR stage instead of a full appeal. Your partner/applicant will never be called or asked one question.

Remember you paid your Counsel your hard earned dollars and you know that your marriage is genuine, so get your monies worth. Make sure that your Counsel puts your partner/applicant through several Q & A sessions via skype or vibre in your presence. You need to know all the questions your Counsel intends to ask you and the type of answers he/she expects.

Remember nothing is private you have one chance to prove that your relationship is genuine and not entered into to gain a benefit under the act. Don´t hold anything back from your Counsel.

When assisting your Counsel with compiling documents to prove your relationship is genuine make sure you include documents to disprove the Visa Officers opinion of your relationship.

If you have been using phone cards to call one another ask the provider to see if you can obtain the frequency that your number called your partners number and the duration of all the calls that were placed. Take Photos of you talking to your partner via skype and vice versa.

Do not be so naive to expect the Hearings Officer to comply with the rules of the Immigration Appeal Division by submitting evidence to you within the 20 day rule time period. Expect late disclosure and EXPECT the IAD member to admit it into evidence.

So the day of the appeal arrives. Your Counsel will start by asking you question after question. The member may interrupt and ask you a clarifying question. Once your Counsel is finished the Ministers Counsel turn to ask you questions begins. If at any time you did not finish answering a question and the Ministers Counsel starts asking you a different question make sure you interrupt him/her and finish your answer before moving on to that next question. Ask Minister Counsel to repeat that question so you have additional seconds to think of a response.

Make sure your Counsel asks you intimate and personal questions like; When and where did you have sexual intercourse for the first time? What were the words used during the proposal? Be sure you can name each sibling of the applicant/appellant and whether or not they are married, divorced or never married. Also if you have ever actually met them, Plans for the future., Does your partner have any marks, scars or tattoos on their body. Remember what a Man calls a scare and what a Woman calls a scare is totally different, etc.

Once everyone is finished asking you questions you will need to provide a phone card to call your partner. The same procedure repeats itself with your Counsel asking your partner questions first then the Ministers Counsel then finally your Counsel asks questions based on the Ministers Counsels questions.

Once the IAD Member asks both Counsels if they are ready to give verbal submissions the hearing is basically over. Your Counsel goes first, the Minister Counsels goes second and your Counsel gets last say. Then normally after the submissions the member reserves their decision for six - eight weeks that you receive in the mail.


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