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Subject: Moving to Canada
  I am from India and am considering moving to Canada for work and had a related question. My field is Telecom and Cloud Computing and I understand that finding a job in Cnaada might be tricky. I plan to try finding work for a reasonable aamount of time and if unsuccessful try finding a job across the border in US. (I am trying the US as well but am slightly discouraged by the restrictive work Visa). Specifically, I wish to know:
1. Is finding a job in a US company from Canada any different from finding a job in a US company from India? I.e are there any advantages Canada provides being geographically closer to the US than India.
2. Will companies fly me in for an interview and arrange a visa? I would believe this would be easier to arrange if I were in Canada?
Anyone recently tried switiching to US from Canada? Please share your experiences!

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I´m not sure Canada would appreciate your interest in their country in order to make it easier to get a job in the U.S. In my opinion, you should focus on one country or the other from India. If a company in either country is interested in hiring you, they´ll take care of the work visa and any relocation assistance.
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Hello,i got refugee status in i want to shift in canada.please tell me the way how can i shift myself in canada.and how can i live in canada.i already completed MBA.and i worked in bank.i completed 4 papers of Acca in,can you tell me ,can i shift my refugee status in canada?thank you.
Sanjida khanam
I want to relocate my family and I to canada (in reply to: Moving to Canada)
My name is owolabi.I am a farmer and would like to work in farm and relocate my spouse and two kids to canada.Pls how and what´s the way forward to acheive this.
owolabi kasali
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