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Subject: renewal of prcard
  My family and I made entry into Canada in Oct/2009. Due lack of job opportunities, i returned to middle east while my spouse and children remained back and obtained their citizenship.
My PR card has expired and i do not have the required 2 yrs in 5 years stay in Canada fr renewal. The advice i seek is asf
1. How can i join my family
2. Can i return to Canada on an expired PR card
3. can my spouse sponsor me fr re-entry

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The only hope you have is to fly to the US and enter Canada by land in a private vehicle using your COPR. If you are able to enter Canada without being reported for failing to meet the residency obligation, then you´ll need to remain in Canada for two years without leaving to meet the residency requirement - and then you´ll be able to apply to renew your PR status. If you are reported at the border, you should expect to lose your PR status.

Another option would be to officially give up your PR status now and have your spouse sponsor you for PR.

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Thank you fr your advice.
My query is since the process of obtaining the sponsored pr will take abt 2/3 years can i
1. Enter the country on a visa. If yes which type visa?
2. Can i work while holding the visa and awaiting the pr?
3. Will i be eligible fr medical cover?
4. can my pr application be refused/refused?


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See this:

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