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Subject: Student/work visa
Hi Im planing to apply for a student visa with work permit, my question is in case of approval am I eligeble for ohip or do I need medical insurance?
study permit extension (in reply to: Student/work visa)
my study permit gets expire in april 2016 and my course gets complete in april 2016 but i have some subjects to be cleared to get my graduation certificate. will there be any consequences regarding my extension of study permit

sahil soni
Shift in canada. (in reply to: Student/work visa)
Hello,i got refugee status in i want to shift in canada.please tell me the way how can i shift myself in canada.and how can i live in canada.i already completed MBA.and i worked in bank.i completed 4 papers of Acca in London.thank you.
Sanjida khanam
Student/work visa (in reply to: Student/work visa)
Yes, but there is a waiting period that varies depending on the province. For this period you will need to have a private insurance plan.

You better check a [url=]brokers´ website[/url], they usually have online support. Just explain them situation and they will tell you what you should do

Matthew Brown
Study permit extension (in reply to: Student/work visa)
Hello, I´m going to finish my studies on 30 November and study permit expires on 30 December, can I apply for 60 days bridge extension to apply for post graduation work permit.
Smit shah

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