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Subject: Arrested
  Hi good day everyone..

I just have s question any legal advise would really mean a lot ..

I was arrested and detained by rcmp in chase bc, Canada.. It happened when last June 2015 .. I caught my partner naked and in bed with my neighbor so I kick the the door down to stop what they´re doing.. But I called her a slut and a whore .. So she smashed a piece of glass on my face .. But never did I attempted to strike back.. I called 911 for fear that I might need medical attention for there was a lot of blood .. So police came took our story.. First they asked me then they went to neighbor´s house and investigate more.. When they came back they arrested me because my partner told them that I hit her.. Which is not true.. She has unscathed meanwhile I was bleeding through my nose . So at the end I was charge with breaking and enter and spousal assault.. But were later not approved by crown counsel.. My question is am I in danger of being removed from Canada?? Will I still be able to apply for residency?? Pls help me..

Jun santos
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What is your status in Canada right now? Are there any changes still outstanding against you or were they all dropped?
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I´m a temporary worker and just got nominated by Bc province for residency all the charges were not approved .. So no more outstanding charges..
Jun santos
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Can someone give me an advise please??
Jun santos
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