CIC removed Stage1 & 2 processing times

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Subject: CIC removed Stage1 & 2 processing times
  Hi guys,

I phoned CIC today to escalate our application after having waited 18 months with no work permit for my spouse. The agent told me that he cannot even look at my file because CIC removed Stage 1 and 2 processing times and therefore I CANNOT escalate until I wait the full duration of 26 months! So no work permit, no time frame, no accountability for CIC.

The agent said that many people have called in and were not happy about the removal of the breakdown in processing times and advised me to submit a complaint with CIC:

He said that they might reverse this decision if enough people voice their concern.

I have also started a petition sent directly to the Minister of Immigration and Justin Trudeau because the mandate explicitly asked for a better strategy for spousal sponsorships. Please sign the petition and let´s make something happen, otherwise, it really feels like CIC couldn´t care less if we are real people or numbers on a piece of paper.

Inland Spousal Sponsor
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