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Subject: please help us

I want to seek some advice regarding sponsoring an undeclared child.

My husband went to Canada as a PR on 2012.. He was single that time but we already have 2 children the time the application was processed. He did not declare me as his common-law partner as well as he did not declare our child as a dependent child.

Our child uses her father´s surname. He came home in the Philippines last year and we got married in church. Now he is about to sponsor me as his spouse in famiy sponsorship.

Now our greatest dilemma is our child not being declared by him on his first application for PR. My question is, can I, as the principal applicant and being the mother of our child, able to declare her as a non-accompanying family member in my application or can I able declaire our kids as accompanying family member in my application?

Please do help me because we really want to settle in Canada as one family. It is difficult in my part, being a mother that they might be left behind here in the Philippines and if I declare them as a accompanying family member that we might not able to go in canada. They are very bright kids especially our younger son who was in grade 1 he excels in the school. That they might lose there self esteem in case I wouldn´t be able to be at there side in the most crucial stage of there development especially that our children is to young. And also We are afraid that we might can´t   go in canada to settle as one family. 

Please help us for our problem.

Please help us what is our best thing to do please..


Help plz.

Genelyn Mari
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Your husband cannot sponsor you and cannot sponsor your child since neither of you were declared in his PR application. It doesn´t matter that you are now married. He was obligated to declare you in his application since you were common law. Since he didn´t declare you, he can never sponsor you (again, marriage doesn´t change this). You need to forget about spousal sponsorship as a way of getting to Canada. If you want to come to Canada to join your husband, you will have to apply through one of the non-family immigration programs like Express Entry (federal skilled worker program).
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i have italian passport.i want to move in canada is possible
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