Pre-Arrival Services for Newcomers to Manitoba

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Subject: Pre-Arrival Services for Newcomers to Manitoba
  Have you received initial approval from the Government of Canada to immigrate to Manitoba? If you have, you must have a lot of questions on what you can do to prepare for your move and what to expect once you arrive in Manitoba. The Pre-Arrival Centre is here to help!

The Pre-Arrival Centre is a new service offered by the Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc. that offers free information, resources and support to Newcomers in the process of immigrating to Manitoba. You can check to see if you are eligible and you can register for PAC´s virtual services on our website ( Once you are registered with PAC, a PAC facilitator will get in touch with you through email, instant messaging or Skype to answer any of your settlement and employment questions and concerns and help you prepare for your move to Manitoba. A PAC Facilitator will provide you with realistic Manitoba specific information on many settlement and employment topics that will be tailored to you and your families interests and needs, such as: housing, finances, workplace culture, job searches, credential assessment, child care, healthcare, transportation, language training and much much more. On PAC´s interactive website, you will also have access to more resources, webinars, and discussion forums.

So if you want to know more about settlement and employment in Manitoba, how you can prepare for your move and what you can do to succeed once you arrive, register with PAC TODAY! Our PAC Facilitators look forward to assisting you!

***If you have any questions about PAC services feel free to email PAC´s general email at and someone will get in touch with you to answer your questions.

Pre-Arrival Centre (MB)
SOPA Prearrival Alberta (in reply to: Pre-Arrival Services for Newcomers to Manitoba)
SOPA is a free government of Canada funded initiative for pre-arrivals to help them enter the Canadian workforce much sooner. This program is carried out by CCIS in Alberta.

Contact me with any questions you have on this.



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