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Subject: Sponsored person forms filling - IMM5669 & 5406
  My husband is a Canada citizen and going to sponsor me (spouse) to apply for PR.

I m now in the process of form filling, the Background declaration form and Additional member forms request the "sponsored person and each of family member" to fill in. Does it mean I, myself plus my own family ( my father, mother, sisters and brother) ? If yes, I have 6 members on my own, then I should give each of them a form to fill in and sign?

Or the family member of my husband and myself - say if we have dependents.

Kindly advise.

Lau hk
Medical check - sponsored person's dependent (in reply to: Sponsored person forms filling - IMM5669 & 5406)
I m applying the PR, sponsored by my husband.

My own dependent, a 4-yr old son, is already a Canada citizen, do I need him to do the medical check up like me at the physical panel?

Kindly advise.

Lau hk
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