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Subject: returning to Canada
  I am a Canadian citizen, currently residing in Australia (resident status)and want to return to live and work in Canada in the near future and bring my Italian wife. We have been married for two and 1/2 years (married in Australia)and have a son. Do I have to first return to Canada myself and get established there again, before applying for a ´sponsorship´ for her - or - am I able to remain in Australia and apply for a ´sponsorship´ for Canada for her and then we can all return to Canada at the same time as a family unit?

I will be able to provide evidence that I will have guaranteed employment when we arrive back in Canada and a place of residence.
Thank you.

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You can apply now before you return. You need to show your 2015 Canadian taxes have been submitted. Best to apply for citizenship of your child in OZ before you sponsor wife.

Now you can also have wife come for a visit and apply from within Canada she would get an open work permit while processing is going through.


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