Can I Watch MKV on Apple TV with Surround Sound?

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Subject: Can I Watch MKV on Apple TV with Surround Sound?
  In the following paragraphs I will share the way I´ve worked out to stream MKV files with Apple TV keeping surround sound for watching on big screen TV.

In general, before we playing MKV videos on Apple TV, the first thing we should do is to take advantage of a third party program like iTunes or AirPlay to help us stream MKV video files to Apple TV from computer. But the problem we must face is neither of the two supports MKV as the output format. If you don´t have app to stream MKV to Apple TV, you can convert it to Apple TV supported formats.

To convert MKV format to a Apple TV-supported format, you can use this smart Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. It directly offers you an optimized preset for Apple TV, so you can perform the conversion easily even though you don´t know what the best format is for Apple TV. With it, you can convert MKV, MP4, Tivo, VOB, MOV, FLV, MPG, AVI to Apple TV supported file format such as mp4 with the best quality.

Overall, it is a hassle-free audio and video file converter that will seamlessly make any file fully compatible with the Apple TV (5/4/3/2/1), TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod or other devices.





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