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Subject: Transcode MTS for Corel VideoStudio Pro native edi
  How can I edit my MTS recordings in Corel VideoStudio Pro? Follow this guide which brings an effective way to import MTS files to VideoStudio easily.

The new features of Corel VideoStudio X10 like multicam (like the one in Pinnacle Studio 19), multi-point motion and 4K hardware acceleration let you load clips shot at the same time from different angles and sync them on an independent time line to get an easier video editing experience. However, the recorded MTS from Canon C100 etc. AVCHD footages, is not a good editing format for Corel VideoStudio Pro. Since that, is there any efficient tips on importing MTS files to Corel VideoStudio X10?

From the Corel official web, we know the natively supported format of VideoStudio is WMV/MPEG-2, so it must be frustrated when you use Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 to open video files like MTS. In order to import MTS recordings correctly and smoothly, a good way you will know, it is to convert MTS to Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 video format on your computer. That´s why Dimo Videomate was developed as the fastest and simplest MTS converter to help you change the MTS to a comaptible format of VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere, FCP etc. With it, you also can cut your favourite part and merge multiple videos into one file by the build-in editor to shrink the MTS recordings as per your requirements.




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