Is it possible to play MKV movie with AC3 on Gear

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Subject: Is it possible to play MKV movie with AC3 on Gear
  MKV Won´t Work with Gear VR? This article shows an easy way to view MKV files on Gear VR through Galaxy S8/S8+/S7/S6 (Edge)/Note7/5/4 with 3D effect.

Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality device, which acts as the headset´s display and processor. One advantage of Samsung Gear VR is that Samsung and Oculus has made it easy to import and watch your own local movies in virtual cinema mode. Though Gear VR claims to support MKV formats, somtimes we still encounter Gear VR MKV playback problems. Some VR movies in MKV play nicely while others won´t play on your Gear VR or playback with no sound. So what´s the matter? Check out the reason and solution for "No sound in Gear VR" here.

To fix these problems, the effective and simple way is to change MKV to a fully compatible format with Gear VR. We´ve rated and ranked the best 3D Video Converter software on the market today. And Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is one of the top one which allows you to enable MKV with AC3 playable in Gear VR by converting MKV to Gear VR friendly MP4 video with with zero quality loss in stunning Top-bottom and Sidey-by-side 3D effect.

Besides viewing MKV video on Gear VR, if you also wanna put other media files like MTS, MXF, VOB, 3D YouTube videos as well as DVD, Blu-ray movies to Gear VR for playback. It not only offers customized profile preset for VR devices like Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it allows you the tweak the video, audio parameters so that you can get a decent file as you want.





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