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Subject: some review about Vancouver

Haven??t seen you guys for a while, I was on my vacation over Sharon??s hometown this weekend. Just back to Nanaimo, wanna write some review for new comers. It??s a damn beautiful west coast city. My friend??s mom and sister came from Japan and wanna have a tour in Vancouver, my friend has no car, that??s why I gonna be their tour guide. We went to Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, White Rock, Stevenson Villeage, and Gastown, Robson. those are symbol of Vancouver. Multicultural environment are everywhere. With sunshine, above 10 C sunny day, everywhere is peaceful. Life is so relax over Stanley Park. My friends??s mom just stayed in Vancouver for couple of days and came to Nanaimo right now. She can??t help like Canada, back in Yokohama Japan, they earn up to 80,000USD annually. However, they might gave up their job and retire in Canada. Just because of life is so relax, no pressure. They simply can not eat such fresh sushi back at Japan and so inexpensive. My friend??s sister grows up in Japan, haven??t eaten such fresh raw fish in her entire life.

At midnight about one clock, Robson street Vancouver, still pack of people, well, we Nanaimo, after 9:00, no people on the street. Everywhere are music, festival, nice girls, and sleeplessness in Vancouver.

Depend on what kind of life you wanna have, for me, enough income for living expense, and have time to do recreation, relax life like west coast are my dream.
I think Canada is a place you can have life least crazy.

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Hi Yijie. You missed South Granville, Commercial Drive, Chinatown, Punjabi Market - lots of things you missed. But you saw our mountains and ocean. I am always amazed at their beauty and remember why I endure rainy days for such spectacular sights.

Today I love my city. It is February but the spring flowers start to bloom and it is warm enough outside to go and start getting the garden ready for spring planting. It´s the kind of day that reminds you to wash the windows and go for a walk along the sea wall and make a trip to the public market to buy something yummy for dinner. I am sure the golf courses are full today.

Not every part of Vancouver stays up all night. My little corner of the world in Richmond is very quiet. I like it that w

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LOve it!

Thanks for the report. We are eager to move there from our beatufiul Orlando, but we also know it will be very nice in Vancouver.

Ron and Ben

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what? Sharon, you live over Richmond? I bet you understand my language, just kidding~~Richmond has much better road design than Vancouver, because most of roads are new, left turns are much easy. Vancouver, too many place, no left turn. How can you get use of life in Richmond, consider everything is written in Chinese. Well, it??s not a problem for me, however, I am not sure if most of people like it or not. I feel so shock when I feel it??s not like Canada rather than my home country.

Before I came to Nanaimo, I live over Richmond for an entire month with my uncle over somewhere in Garden City Road. I ride a bike all over Richmond. I had one time ride my bicycle from Richmond to Horseshoe Bay and back, took me 9 hours. I enjoyed that so much, what a beautiful city. Still remember you can fish all season in the No. 1 Road south. Fish resource over Fraser River seems unlimited.

I feel I have to come back to Vancouver sometime, not just visit relatives, also enjoy some metropolitans?? life. For me, it??s just a simply culture shock to drive in a city like Vancouver. I swear I would not have ability to drive in any Asian countries. Nanaimo is too quiet and rural with absolutely no traffic jam. Can??t believe

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Golf courses in Richmond are so cheap, 20 something, can??t believe it. I think it??s only in Canada, you can play golf with geese and all kinds of birds, deer, like a zoo.
Ron: not sure if Vancouver and west coast are more like California. That??s what my friends said. I am having dinner with those friends from Japan, they are still talking about how fresh were those salmons and tunas. And Water quality, well, I haven??t drunk real tasted green tea until I came to Canada, because of water quality, everything taste much better.

I picked up lots of big oyster over Nanaimo here today. My friends almost faint, haven??t seen such big wild oyster before. We are joking around. If you don??t have money in Canada, you can pick up oyster, crab fishing, at least you would not starve to dead. Also blackberries, blueberries are all around, everywhere. I don??t need spend money on wine; I make my own blackberry wine. I love this kind of self sustain life.

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I was in Vancouver few weeks back and I totally liked the city. If I dare to compare, i gave this city a name ..."A Better San Francisco".....again if one should and could is nicer than san francisco ( no offence to fellow bay area people ) ...

I totally liked it....only thing I heard which could be discouraging to many people if u have long term plan to settle down there is the high cost of real estate and more taxes in BC this true Sharon ??

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San Francisco is a name we are familiar with. We are a little like Oregon too- just in the south west corner of the province. After that the weather feels like the rest of Canada!

We keep getting told not to complain about our real estate prices. Yes, they are high but we are told that Vancouver is a world city not a local town and on that scale - we are cheap. Average house price in Vancouver is about $450,000 and you are not getting anything spectacular. Suburbs are less money. We have limited growth potential. US border on the south, mountains on the north, ocean on the west. Nowhere to go but up and east. If all the new immigrants would stop moving here...prices would be better (laughing)

In Canada, you cannot write off your interest payments - however your intire investment is tax free. No capital gains on your primary residence. That helps.

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450,000 are not too bad, compare with big city in the East Asia. Considered average house over Nanaimo is about 300,000. Some places like Richmond, Delta, Surrey, are not too crazy. Sometimes I think like this way, because of immigrants, especially rich people keep coming, that??s why real estate markets are so hot. It actually makes so many homeless people, however, it??s not immigrants?? fault. Global markets, you have to expect this happens.

Back to about 20 years ago, real estate markets are not like that. My uncle bought a 3-bedroom rancher with 0.4 acres land over No.3 Road with Francis Street in Richmond. It costs them about 40,000. This price right now can not even buy a bachelor anywhere in B.C.

These twenty years, we never see real estate market over Lower Mainland had cooled down a little bid. Instead. I think immigrants and baby boom generation keep coming to the west coast. It??s never too early to purchase real estate. You wait for a while, you would never get chance to have your own home. Lowe Mainland??s real estate is not Japan or Hong Kong with bubble. We got view, nice people, and good environment.

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