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Subject: RPRF Receipt
I have got the immigrant visa. I am planning to land in canada sometime in March. I have lost the RPRF Receipt. But i do have copy of offical check of RPRF fee.
Will they ask about the RPRF receipt at the time of landing?

RPRF Receipt (in reply to: RPRF Receipt)

Can you share your timelines?

Piyush Patel

Piyush Patel
RPRF Receipt (in reply to: RPRF Receipt)
NOPE, i don´t think so. rather immgiration officer will look for your proof of funds, if you really have it with you or already transferred to someone you know in canada. pls. share your timeline, where did you apply? what year?
what category? etc. thanks.

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Applied - December 03
Processing Start - January 04
Initial Assessment - July 04
Medical + FBI + Additional Documents Request - July 04
Medical + FBI + Additional Documents Sent - November 04
RPRF Request - January 05
Passport Request - January 05
Immigrant Visa - Febuary 05 (Went Personally to Buffalo for Visa)


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