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Subject: Immigrating to Canada
  I am a H1B holder working in USA. i have applied for my Canadian Immigration and am in the final stage of the process. I want to get the Canadian immigration , but i don´t want to move to Canada in the next 2-3 years. i have a valid H1B in USA and wanted to continue working here. What is the procedure to get the Canadian immigration and come back to USA and work on my H1B ? can anyone help me on this procedure ?


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When you get the stamp on your passport, it iwll have a validity date ( usually 1 year from the medicals done) . You need to do landing before this date. Once u do landing procedure ( u can return next day back to usa if wish) ...your clock starts....clock means...from that day maintain the PR..u need to be living in canada for 2 years out of any given 5 years period. now u can calcualte with this formula....that immediately after landing, u could be out for 3 years max....simple ....did it help ??

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Thanks, that was clear. After getting the stamping , i have a max of 3 years to decide. But i have some questions on the procedure i should follow when i land in Canada to get my Immigration stamping. Is it valid to tell the Immigration officer that i am going back to USA after getting the stamping since i don´t a job in Canada ? What are do´s and don´ts i should follow when i land in canada. I would appreciate your help.
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