How to Watch MKV Files on Android TV box?

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Subject: How to Watch MKV Files on Android TV box?
  Fix Android TV doesn´t recognize MKV from USB issue

Failed to play MKV files on Android TV through USB port? You can easily fix the issue by transcoding MKV to Android TV compatible format. Here is how to.

MKV is a popular format these days that allows enjoying high-quality HD videos over an array of devices including Android TVs. If you have an android smart TV set, you would surely want to enjoy your favorite videos on it. Though the official site of most Android TV claims that it support MKV format, many times when you play these files, you will encounter playback issues. MKV file may contain different audio codecs and whenever it contains a codec that is not compatible with Android TV (like DTS Audio), you may encounter a problem while playing MKV on Android TV. So, it´s better to try out the easier and quicker way; encode them to whatever format you need in just 3 simple steps. There´s a detailed step-by-step guide below.





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