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Subject: New Rules from the 18th
lets say someone is in canada and does not have any legal immigrant status right now.
IF he got married would he still be eligible to stay under the new rules?

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not sure. the sposoring spouse still has to make application. Not sure it is a guarantee and for sure if it appears you are using the new rules to avoid leaving the country... you will be out on your ass so fast you will not know what hit you.
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dear as per i m concerned if u r marring there in canada the person is on visiter visa he has to come back to his parent country. Then his /her spouse has to file there.agaain u may b called for intervew .


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congratulation now canada govt has itroduced new law if ur spouse is in canada u need not to come back to ur mother land u can apply by staying there itself till ur application is not finalised u can stay there.No problem and it is implimented with immidiate effect
All the best to u.


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