How to download and convert Facebook videos to MP

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Subject: How to download and convert Facebook videos to MP
  How to download and convert Facebook videos to MP4

How to download video from Facebook online into MP4 forma without plugin? Here shares best 3 ways to download Facebook to MP4 in SD/HD/UHD resolution.

Facebook has become the most popular social network. It updates a wide range of brilliant and funny videos made or shared by your friends everyday but there is no direct option to download them to your computer and enjoy it anytime. When you download your Facebook video, keep in mind that the MP4 file format gives you the best chance to keep your favorite memory quality for a long time and allow for easier playback on portable devices. Here we would like to introduce you the easiest way to download Facebook video in MP4 format on your computer, keep reading.

Top 3 Facebook Video Downloader

To download video from Facebook into MP4, a Facebook downloader is needed.

1. Best Free Facebook Video Downloader software

Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is likely the fasted way to grab videos from Facebook and convert them to any format such as MP4. It supports:

* Superfast downloading Facebook videos (URL) within a click.
* Download videos from 300+ supported sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, TED, Facebook, etc.
* Convert downloaded & local videos to any format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPEG-2, FLV and more
* If you prefer much more output profiles like Android, Galaxy, iPad, TV, an all-in-one Facebook video downloader converter will better meet your needs.




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