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Subject: extending visitor status period

My Wife and i both live in the uk , we - like hundreds of others - are waiting for our green cards , we are pretty sure we are ok as my wifes
mother is canadian so she is counted as a canadian citizen, but like so many others we are frustrated by the processing times, - we applied in june 2004 but our application was not forwarded until october 2004. We
are both working at the moment but we are facing redundancy , when this
happens i was thinking we could go out to canada as visiters - for up to
6 months i believe if customs give the ok - and get extensions as we need them , we do have residential property in kitchener and relatives who will help us , i know we could not work while we are waiting but i believe we could put the time to good use settling in and getting to know people and maybe get contacts for jobs in the future or get ideas for
a business is there any reason we should not do this?

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