How to Convert FLV Videos to Youtube?

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Subject: How to Convert FLV Videos to Youtube?
  How to Convert FLV Videos to Youtube?

Sharing wonderful moments of our daily life on the Youtube and other video websites is very popular. Such as Youtube, millions of people share their recorded video on it for their social networking every day. However,not all kinds of video formats can upload directly to Youtube, Youtube just supports some common video formats, like MP4,FLV,MOV,AVI,WMV,MPEGs,MPEG4 and WebM.If you are a new YouTube uploader, you will face some challenges when you upload FLV directly to YouTube and some other video websites. some familiar instances could be:

1.One day you were palying Unhack, but this game was disagree with Bandicam. You swapped to OBS and recorded your game video in flv format,and then you uploaded your flv video to Youtube, you were failed and recived a message "Invalid File Format".

2.If you uesd Camtasia 7 to record video in flv format, and then you uploaded flv directly to YouTube, you would still fail and get the same situation as above.

In both these cases, why you failed? In fact,YouTube does support FLV video files to upload, but it only accepts FLV encoded with Adobe-FLV1 video codec and MP3 and AAC audio. If you want to upload successfully, you should use a efficient video converter. Now we will tell how to upload flv directly to YouTube.

The efficient way to upload FlV directly to YouTube

You can use Dimo Video Converter Ultimate£®Windows/Mac£© to convert any flV video into YouTube supported MP4 format, this is one of the Dimo Video Converter Ultimate greatest advantages.




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