How to Solve Windows Media Player Won't Play MP4

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Subject: How to Solve Windows Media Player Won't Play MP4
  How to Solve Windows Media Player Won´t Play MP4 files?

Can´t play MP4 in Windows Media Player? Fortunately, there are always solutions out there that allow us to get MP4 and WMP to play nicely. Read on to find the solutions.

You may face this issue that Window Media Player cannot play the MP4 file.According to Microsoft support website, Windows Media Player still won´t support MP4 files. Though we can make WMP play MP4 video by install some codec, sometime we still encounter can´t play MP4 in Windows Media Player issue. MP4 is a container format which may contain multiple video and audio streams. And the video and audio stream can be encoded any of several ways. If the MP4 video or audio codec is not WMP installed codec supported one, Windows Media Player won´t play MP4 video of this kind.

Play MP4 on Windows Media Player Without Any Problem

Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is the best solution to solve MP4 files playing issues with Windows Media Player. With this program you could play your MP4 files with ease by simply installing this software. It comes with a trial version and provides A to Z solutions for any kind of issues for video or audio files.This program is very easy to use and you just need to install this software in your PC to run the MP4 files through it to bring it down with the right codec. You will not find the wide range of features provided by Dimo with any other tool.





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