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Subject: Self employment
I am a self employed writer, does anyone out there have any experience of applying for immigration to Canada under this category, it seems too simple?



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if you had an income from your writings or are a free lance journalist you probably qualify under that category. I tried under self employed .I´m a craftsman / designer, but since I´m not " selling" my designs it didn´t work for me.
If I can give you 1 piece of advice, get professional help if you want to proceed in self employed. It is one of the hardest classes to process and very open to interpretation.

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I have a question towards self-employ work permit in Canada. I am currently using post-secondary graduated work permit under Tourism Vancouver Island. By the way, I have my own business in summer, doing tour group in the Island.
Because I cannot renew my post-secondary graduated work permit, I wonder if I can employ under my own company. Furthermore, I don?t think my PR gonna approve any time sooner, because I just submit Nov 2004.

My situation is kind of weird. Just wonder if anybody had applied entrepreneur self-employ in Canada before. I do believe for self-employ, I don?t have to go thru HRDC.

I did do income tax every year, I paid about 12,000 dollars Federal income tax a year, it?s kind of funny if CIC denied my work permit and tells me they don?t want my income tax.

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Do not confuse selfemployed with entrepreneur.Both in business class but totally different.If you´re not a farmer,athlete or artist making money from your sport or work then forget about applying under selfemployed.Entrepreneur, however, could work for you. But keep in mind there are condtions to be met, like having had a " qualified business "( see CIC site what that means )

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