How to Play H.265 Video Files in iPhone 8

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Subject: How to Play H.265 Video Files in iPhone 8
  How to Play H.265 Video Files in iPhone 8

This article walks you through how to get your iPhone 8 to play H.265 files. Read on to find out the H.265 to iPhone 8 playback tips.

Since the day that iPhone 7 supports 4K video recording, iPhone fans keep asking one question on forum: when Apple will support H265/HEVC natively on iOS? iPhone fans had a big expectation about HEVC playback support on next generation but received disappointment. By 2017, iPhone 8 is leaked to arrive in September. Does HEVC support for playing and recording will come to iPhone 8? If not, how to play HEVC/H.265 video on iPhone 8? Let´s find the answers!

As we have mentioned before, currently it´s no concrete evidence to show that we can freely play HEVC H265 video on iPhone 8. Although iPhone 8 can´t play HEVC video, you can convert HEVC to iPhone. We would like to recommend the converter to transfer software to convert and sync HEVC video to iPhone 8 at one go. Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac drives you to convert H.265 to H.264 for iPhone 8/iPhone 7/ iPhone 6/6S Plus at an extremely fast speed. If you use windows systems, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate.





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