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Subject: family class vs. skilled worker
  I am currently a US citizen in a relationship with a Canadian. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about one year and I have decided to move to Canada. We were going to apply under the family class/conjugal relationship, but I am worried that we may not qualify for this. It seems that we have to prove the we could not live together due to extreme circumstances. What exactly does this mean. Is living in separate countries valid? We see each other about every two months and I´ve kept all our phone bills, emails, pictures, etc... I´m just wondering if it would be smarter to apply as a skilled worker. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, any ideas on timelines for both of these.
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the criteria for common law is living together for 1 year. If this is not possible you have to be prepared to offer a very good reason why. You have 2 options. marry him in the US, come back to Canada and sponsor him, or have him come into Canada as a visitor, live together and sponsor him in this way as a common law partner. The rules have just changed and you would be able to wait out the immigration process from within Canada. They want to see a year of co-habitation.
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You can apply as conjugal partners...Your situation falls under this category.
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