Why TV won’t play MP4 from USB correctly?

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Subject: Why TV won’t play MP4 from USB correctly?
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Outline: If you have any MP4 LG playback issues, you can follow this guide yo learn how to solve.

A smart TV is a big entertainment in our daily life. But sometimes when you tried to view MP4 file on TV through downloading from movies torrent sides, it´s failed, even though MP4 files are great and common for TV to offer great quality video. For example, playing .MP4 file format videos from your DLNA external network drive to my UN60ES6500 & UN55C7000 tv´s for nearly 2 yrs and all of a sudden all of the video files are coming up as ´NOT SUPPORTED FILE FORMAT´. If so, how can you watch an MP4 on TV successfully? Luckily, this article will offer you a simple solution to play MP4 on TV (Samsung TV included) without any trouble.

Why failed to watch MP4 on TV?

As MP4 format is so popular, you may have collected some MP4 videos or movies, but an MP4 file is a very complicated format that can be encoded in various ways and your TV just won´t be able to recognize all of them. Well, it´s hard to find the right codecs and install them accordingly. So, it´s better to try out the easier and quicker way; encode MP4 to TV accepted format, then you will not have any video playback problems. What´s the best video format for Smart TV playback? You could find all TV supported file format as per your TV brand and type here.

How to fix can´t watch MP4 on TV?

To fix TV MP4 playback issue, if you are not familiar with the format and codec even don´t know the specific way of transcoding, a simple solution is to use the third party TV video converter. It can convert MP4 files to various popular Smart TV, 4K TV, 3D TV etc more supporting H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format no matter what models your TVs are, like Samsung/Sony/LG/Panasonic TV models. HerePavtube Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most trusted and fastest video converters on the Internet today. It can easily help you convert any SD MP4, HD MP4, 4K MP4 to TV playable format.

If you are using a Mac user, please turn to the Pavtube iMedia Video Converter for Mac, which supports converting MP4 files for playing on TV on Mac, include masOS Sierra, El Capitan, etc.

Now Free download the MP4 to TV Video Converter

Full guide to Convert MP4 to TV supported best format for playing

Step 1. Add MP4 Files

Install and run this MP4 covnerter for TV. Simply drag and drop the MP4 file one by one to this MP4 to TV converter. Or import the MP4 files through "Add File".

Before start the MP4 conversion for TV, you can click "Edit" to crop the source video so as to get the part you want and get rid of some black bars or even trim the ads part off.

Step 3. Convert MP4 to TV

Click "Convert" button to start to convert MP4 to TV. You will find the video keeping as good as the quality of raw video in output folder by clicking "Open". This TV video converter ensures the output video quality and high speed to finish task.

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