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Subject: rasolzadeh law suit
  hi Nour; sharon and everyone who has an answer .....
did u apply at the canadian embassy in damascus ?
really i?m so confused about the rasolzadeh lawsuit, and i do not know what to decide :if to be a member or not !!!
i?m trying to ask a consultant about this issue concerning the benefits. and it is time to make our desision before march.
i?ll inform u what will happen with me as soon as possible.
and i?ll be grateful to hear from u about ur case.
thank u ...

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there is no money involved in this lawsuit for immigration applicants. The point of the suit is to force CIC to examine your file under the rules you applied under. (or which ever rules are to your benefit). Right now, CIC is not obligated to do so. There is no good reason for you to opt out of this legal action but they must legally give you the opportunity. My advice is simply to do nothing! Wait for instructions from CIC and carry on with your application.

hope that helps.

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Hi my friend!
As sharon said it`s better for you to accept this law suit .
I`m in the same boat,I applied Nov.2001 from Syria ,would you please share your timeline?

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Yes I`m agree with them,I applied from syriaon 2001 still waiting ,what`s yours?

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thank u sharon
i applied on 2001 may, and i´m still waiting a response from the embassy till i received that letter about , u know , rasolzadeh......

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don´t worry about your application, i am also a 2001 applicant from manila, updated my application in 2002 to comply with the IRPA and received the same rasolzadeh letter you got. in december 2004, i was advised to update our financial history and in january got another letter from the embassy requiring my family to undergo medical examinations. now we are waiting for our visa. i did not hire a consultant for our application.. pray and trust that you will get yours too... do not worry about the rasolzadeh, like sharon said, ignore it..
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