MKV file won't play on Blu-ray Player? - Solved!

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Subject: MKV file won't play on Blu-ray Player? - Solved!
  Convert MKV to DivX, HD DivX to solve problem of “Blu-ray Disc player cannot playback MP4 files". Your Blu-ray players need to be "DivX Certified" that is to say DivX shall be supported by your Blu-ray players.
Convert MKV to DivX or HD DivX for various any other uses.
Convert MKV to any formats like AVI, MP4 etc.
Can Blu-ray Players Play MKV?

The MKV file format is supposed to be universally compatible across all platforms and operating systems. However, sometimes, you´ll find it a painful experience to use MKV files on a Blu-ray Player. When you try to add video files like MKV to a Blu-ray Player for playback on big screen, your Blu-ray Player say that the MKV format is not the format and your Blu-ray Player can´t recognize the files? So what´s the matter? Don´t worry! This page will show the reason and an easy way to get MKV files to play on Blu-ray Player without problems.

MKV, is a container format which can hold various video and audio codecs. If your MKV files are rejected by your Blu-ray Player, it´s most likely the codecs in the MKV files are unaccepted by your Blu-ray Player. To solve MKV and Blu-ray Player playback issues, a widely easy workaround is to convert MKV to a fully compatible format with your Blu-ray Player.

How to Get MKV to Play on Blu-ray Player?

Download the best MKV to Blu-ray Player converter: Pavtube Video Converter (Read Review)

It is the top MKV to Blu-ray Player converter. With it, you can transcode MKV video to Blu-ray friendly format like Divx etc. In addition, it can also perfectly convert to DivX from all kinds of video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, Xvid, MKV, and MTS as well as convert between all popular video formats. The MP4 to DivX Converter is also built in a video editor, so you can trim, crop, merge video clips and convert to wanted formats.

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Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:

Mac version - Pavtube Video Converter for Mac

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How to Encode MKV to Blu-ray Player friendly DivX quickly?

Step 1: Add downloaded MP4 Files

Click “Add Files” to add MKV files with Divx codec from the PC local to the program, and you will see the main interface as below:

Note: It supports batch conversion, you can import and transcode multiple MKV movie files at one time.

Step 2: Choose output video format

In order to transcode MP4 to AVI, you are suggested to choose “Xvid AVI – Audio Video Interleaved(Xvid)(*.avi)” as output format. If you require for high quality, “DivX HD(*.avi)” would be a great choice. Here you can select any format like MP4, H.265, AVI etc for your needs.

Step 3: Start MKV to AVI conversion

Preview the video in Pavtube built-in media player, and hit on the “Convert” button to start converting downloaded MP4 to AVI. Pavtube Video Converter would complete the conversion process in ever fast speed and you could find created AVI file in output folder on your computer.


Pavtube Video Converter is the ideal choice for you to convert MKV to DivX, HD DivX and convert many of other video formats to DivX in order to successfully play MKV on Blu-ray Disc player/DVD Player/HD DVD player/. Playing MKV files on Blu-ray Player is no more a trouble. Start Enjoy!


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