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Subject: Easily Convert/Import MP4 to edit in Lightworks
  How to Fix MP4 and Lightworks Incompatible Issue

Facing problems when importing MP4 file in Lightworks (14) for editing? Fortunately, here is an easy way to fix the issue. Read on to get a quick solution.

Lightworks is a professional non-linear editing system (NLE) for editing and mastering digital video in various formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions, and television in PAL, NTSC, and high-definition formats. It is officially stated that MP4 is supported by Lightworks. However, due to different video and audio codec, frame rate, resolution, not all MP4 files can´t be imported to Lightworks natively. To import MP4 files into Lightworks, you´d better convert MP4 to Lightworks more edit-friendly format first.

To fix all the incompatible format or profile settings issue, the best effective solution is perform a conversion process. Here, a simple to use and powerful MP4 Converter - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is highly recommended to you.

With it, you can effortlessly transcode virtually all 720p/1080p/2k/4k MP4 files to Lightworks editable H.264 MP4 video. Besides MP4, you can also convert other unsupported file formats such as AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, AVCHD, MXF, etc into Lightworks, FCP, FCE, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, etc. for post video editing workflow.

Software: https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac

Download: https://www.mediadimo.com/download/mac/dimo-cvt-ultimate-trial.dmg

Buy: https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac/purchase

Steps: http://mp4-troubleshooting.over-blog.com/mp4-to-lightworks.htm

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