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Subject: change of profile
  hi to every one
can you plz clear my following points
I have given experience in application as electronic technician for 15 yrs in INDIAN AIR FORCE , now i have changed my job as electronic lab technician in engg college .
is there any change in job profile for which i have claimed the points

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Hi Kenith,
Working for INDIAN AIR FORCE must be great... I had a dream to work with them... but somehow I never got serious...

Anyways to the main answer... You have been working for 15 years with Indian Air Force. Can you prove that. If yes then they will not require any more papers. With the new laws that came into effect on 18th September 2003 you no more require a job listed in the NOC category. If you have 1+ yr of fulltime job experience and get the required 67 points you qualify for the immigration. So coming back to the main point again. If you specify that you were working with IAF previously and now are working in an academic environment; as long as you get the required letters (letters of employment) you are safe and there should be no problems.

Your points will not matter here. You have a 1+ yr of work experience and so you are okey with that.

- HS -

thanks (in reply to: change of profile)

thanks (in reply to: change of profile)
hi HS
thanks for advising me . you have relaeased my tension,i was bit afraid of that thanks lot

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