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Subject: Compress GoPro Hero6 Black 4K to 1080p
  GoPro has taken the same core principals behind previous Hero flagships to new extremes with the Hero6 Black($499). This latest Hero pumps up its video and photo cred by adding a brawnier processor chip (GoPro calls this new silicon "GP1") which unlocks 4K video shooting at 60p, or 60 full frames per second. While this spec doesn´t matter to many consumers, to professional videographers it´s another step to making silky-smooth ultra-high-resolution video capture possible anywhere.

Additionally, if you don´t have a powerful PC (having at least a 6th generation Intel chip helps enormously), you´ll also have plenty of trouble getting this GoPro´s 4K footage to play back smoothly. Moreover, in order to pull off these new shooting modes, GoPro´s leveraging the new-school video codec, High-Efficiency Video Coding (aka H.265). But, there´s a catch - HEVC is new, and many devices can´t decode its advanced compression scheme. To handle with the GoPro Hero 6 4K and want to play those footages on any device, you need convert them to more compatible formats with most common devices, like MP4 video with 1080p resolution.

There are dozens of 4k to 1080p video converter in this world, Pavtube Video Converter/for Mac stands out from its crowd which comes as a professional 4k to 1080p compressor, and offers hundreds of video fomats with adjusting the video and audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, channel and more parameters to make the outputed video more fit in your video player and multimedia devices. With this feature, you even can compress 4K to 1080p video or upscale lower resolution video to higher resolution video. If you don´t know the video knowledge, you can directly choose iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, PS4 and more devices optimized presets.

Furthermore, you are able to edit the 4K footage by it various editing functions. Such as merging several parts into one, splitting one footage into several parts, adding text watermark, and video effects, cropping video to remove the black edge, and more. Step by Step to Compress GoPro Hero 6 4K video to 1080p video on Windows

Step 1: Load GoPro Hero 6 4K video into the program.

Launch this assistant on your Windows, click the "Load file" or "Add Video" icon on the main interface to import 4K files into the program. Or you can directly drag or drop video into this converter.

Step 2: Define Output format

Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down options, navigate to "Common Video"-->"H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4)". You also can select "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" from "HD Video".

Tips: If your target device could decode HEVC video, like iPhone 7/8/X, you also can output "H.265 Video(*.mp4)".

Step 4: Edit video file

According to your own needs, you can click pen icon to enter "Video Editor" window, here are 7 main tabs for you to select. For an instance, you could click "Crop" and switch to "Advanced Mode", here are several aspect ratio selections for you, including 16:10, 16:9, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, and 2:1.

Step 5: Start the conversion

Start 4K video to 1080p conversion by hitting the "Convert" button on the main interface.

Ater conversion process, you can click "Open" and it will pop up the folder with converted file, then you can sync to your iPhone, or upload to Youtube, email to your friends...


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