Top Alternative to FFmpeg for encoding H.265/HEVC

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Subject: Top Alternative to FFmpeg for encoding H.265/HEVC
  Top Alternative to FFmpeg for encoding H.265/HEVC Easily and Fast

FFmpeg can´t handle H.265/HEVC? This article introduces the best FFmpeg alternative to encode H.265 on Windows (10) and Mac(OS High Sierra) fast and easily.

FFmpeg is a fantastic open source tool to convert, stream audio and video. While, there are some FFmpeg errors frequently reported by users, which makes it difficult for FFmpeg to snag the top spot in the industry. For example, FFmpeg can not handle H.265/HEVC well: crashed; so long time conversionˇ­ In a case like this, a great FFmpeg alternative to encode H.265/HEVC videos is strongly needed.

If you haven´t got an ideal one, you can get Dimo Video Converter Ultimate to have a try. It is an all-in-one H.265 decoder, encoder, converter, editor, player and media server. It allows people to convert or downscale 4K videos with H.265/HEVC to common video files including H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, WMV, MKV... without quality loss. Plus, with it you can fast convert non-H.265 videos to H.265 seamlessly. Apart from that, its built-in editor can help users to do some basic editing work before conversion, like trimming, cutting, adding audio information/watermark etc.

Better than FFmepg, the faster and versatile FFmpeg alternative can fast share videos, movies and TV shows from computer to any device wirelessly once they are connected to the same network. It´s easy to use, 100% clean, no ads, no plugin, no spam.





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