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Subject: e-CAS is down
e-CAS is down showing error - "Currently not working" ??
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It´s better if they shut down that piece of shit permanently. It´s useless anyway.
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i agree
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e-Client Application Status


This service is currently not available. Please try again later. Thank you.

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same experience....but good that we can concentrate on other works.
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Dude... that thing (e-status) has not changed information for last 1 year...

It is a classic case of a web-page designed in 1990s which were static... no content change....

I hope the dudes running the web-page and database server up for e-status know what they are doing? Really dude... it is scary... what if they are not really good at programming and all and messing it up... don´t you remmember the case when all files we mixed up??? I hope they have a backup...

Me Casa Tu Casa
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Or... I guess they are conducting a much needed update to the database... can go either way... good news with updated information or just a power surge (someone tripped on the wire...)
Me Casa Tu Casa
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i think the subject shud be WHEN IS ECAS UP??????????
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E-cas is working fine for me.....it has been updated regularly and it tells me all I need to know.....

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