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  At least Volpe is recognizing the problems with CIC. This is the link to his speech in Ottawa. At least, he recognizes all the ****ing inefficiencies of his department. He started to fix problems for spousal applications in Canada.


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Yes. I am really happy for the spouses who had separated because of the crazy immigration rules. But do not forget, spousal cases are just a very small portion of the stroy. It´s quite hard to believe that someone can improve this catasrophe in near future. I am quite sorry to say we are very likely among people who deeply affected by their stupid regulations.
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Those are nothing but pre-election campaign. As we all knew, there was a federal budget announced two days ago, there are some conflict sounds in the parliament. For a minority government like Liberal Party, those shows are too common.

Well, do something is better than do nothing. I hope what they really do is like Skill Worker will be same process as sponsor, don??t need applied outside country.

However, we have to realize that any major changed usually gave CIC a big confused. Like back to June 2002, when the new legislation past, which leads huge delay. We can even see some cases haven??t done since 2000.

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