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Subject: Landed Immigrant Status
i will get my papers for landed immigrant next month. now my wife (she is canadian citizen), that my papers are only good for 3 years and that we have to be married for 3 years?? is this true??
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your question seems odd.

did your wife sponsor you? if so, you are her legal responsibility for 3 years against claims of government assistance.

not sure I understand the context of your other question.

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hi, thanks for your fast answer. my wife is sponsoring me right now. or lets say i sponsor her cause she is not working. my question is now, if we would get seperated what would happend with my papers. i will get my permanent resident status at the beginning of next month. what would happend if we would get a seperation in 2 month?? i hope to hear from you soon. bye for now.


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i read this somewhere that even you guys split right after you arrive in canada your process of becoming a pr doesnt fail..but if the person being sponsored asks financial government assistance within the 3 yrs your sponsor still has to take care of the situation..
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Well, once you become PR, CIC does not care what you do with your life, what they care is that the sponsor has to be responsible for you for the next three years. If your sponsor fails this commitement he/she will be in trouble because the Canadian Government would consider that as a default.That´s why the sponsorship agreement is very straight-forward and mentions::: It doesn´t matter what may change in your life( if you get divorced, become unemployed, student, etc) you still have to be responsible for the person you´re sponsoring.
That´s why you have to think three times before you do this!!!!

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not quite so fast. If the marriage/common law relation breaks up CIC may/can call into question the validity of the application. Do not assume you are home free with your PR card. They could investigate for fraud.
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hmm, fraud, ok i think i understand that. but on the other side i am married now for 4 years, and we have a child together. so if my wife for example would say lets get a seperation i would be screwd. lol
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Can you please provide the source where you´ve got that information???
It is very important to be sure of what you say and not just expressing your personal point of view.
The Immigration sponsorship contract doesn´t mention such a thing whatsoever. If what you say was true they would point that out right away.
At the same time divorce is not a cause to lose PR status.

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this issue is not divorce the issue is fraud. If our friend has been married 4 years, I think it is safe to assume the marriage is valid. where it gets sticky is when the marriage is arranged for the duration of the immigration process and then disolved. Even he might have some difficulty if they split within weeks of PR being issued. Read the CIC operational manuals. This is one of the biggest areas of Immigration fraud and they try to watch it very carefully.

Otherwise why not pay someone to marry you, and walk away 10 minutes after you land. Welcome to Canada. As a skilled worker waiting your turn - how would you feel about that. They qualify for nothing - just that they are married to a Canadian and take up space in the quota.

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Can you explain me how the can watch it very carefully??I know of some cases in which both applicants never lived together and they got the PR.
What you say sounds very nice in theory but the practice can be different. I´ve lived in this country for over 5 years and I want to Welcome you to the real side of Canada as well. The government is not as clean and accurate as they pretend to be or as they make people believe they are.
I am not just talking about immigration process, I´m talking about many other issues.
I am not trying to put you on the spot , and I love this country but that doesn´t blind me to see how things work.
By the other hand what you say of course can be possible but first of all the government is not that sophisticated to be watching those cases really carefully. They have more important issues to watch.
I am not supporting marriage fraud or something lke that but I just try to give a straight-forward answer to the poster´s question.
My best advice would be::: Whatever your wife and you decide to do just do it and keep your mouth shut!!!! Anyways, if worse come to worse you already have been together for four years and can qualify as common-law relationship. Many couples work way better if they get rid of the "marriage document" and they just live as common-law .

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Hi I ve lived in canada sence I was 11 And I came with my Mother. I am 18 now and she never tryed to get our Permenant resiance status. So I am trying to get my Landed immagrant statuse now on myown but am lost. Sence i ve lived here for 7 years I know I apply for landed Immigrant status But where do I go? With what personal information? And what do I need? Hope to hear some responce soon. =D Please and thank you.