Immigrating to Canada from Hong Kong ?

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Subject: Immigrating to Canada from Hong Kong ?

Just wondering if there are any folks out there who are
applying/have applied for Immigration to Canada from Hong Kong under the Skilled Workers category ?

Could they please guide me as to the time-frame involved ?
For example, how long does it take to receive an AOR from
the time you submit ALL REQUIRED documents ? What happens
next - and what´s the time-line involved with that ?

I am a non-Chinese HK Permanent Resident applying for PR
in Canada for myself and my spouse.

Would be grateful to hear from folks who´ve applied from
HK and are awaiting a decision or anyone who has applied thru here in the past and succeeded/failed.


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please take a look at this site,

It indicates all processing time.Hey are you from HK?
although I am not from HK, my father is HK citizen, but they don´t live in HK,anyhow, if you have any question, please ask me.

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Hi Yijie,

Thank you for your reply.

I have already browsed thru the website of the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong several times over. I have
also gone thru CIC´s main website many times.

From the HK website, it seems that the average processing
time for SW-class applicants is about 16 months. However,
I was hoping to hear fom someone who´s actually been there,
done that (so to speak).

Of course, I do appreciate your help too (I´ve been reading
some of your posts and I know you always try to help where
you can).

I am just looking for a better quality of life and hence decided upon Canada (I have relatives there too) as a
long-term thing. I know it won´t be easy, but then again,
you never win if you never try, eh ?

By the way, I´ve been to your city Nanaimo (am I correct?). I was there back a couple of years back for a day trip - Fantastic place, especially for someone who´s
not been used to having the luxury of so much open "Green"
space. I really enjoyed the seaplane ride back to Vancouver :)

Take care and thanks again.


l'm applying to canada from Hongkong (in reply to: Immigrating to Canada from Hong Kong ?)
Dear Sir/Maddam;
I´m applying to immigrate to Canada as a domestic helper
from Hongkong and I´m a Filipino citizen. I´m a Midwife by
my educational attainment or profession. Please inform me what to do so I could continue my intention, thanks.

Cresencia R Rafanan
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