Puzzled about what to do, input appreciated

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Subject: Puzzled about what to do, input appreciated
  Hi there,

I am restating my case, on my transfer of file question. Please find it in your hearts to help me with this because, I don?t want to end up doing the wrong thing and get my PP request in 2015.

I want to get a graduate degree either in the United States or Canada. I have applied as a skilled worker with the CIC in Rome and have an AOR of January 2005.

If I move to the U.S., where I will be studying for at least two years, should I transfer my case to Buffalo? If so, does anyone know the estimated time of the delay associated with such transfer?

If I decide to study in Canada instead, what kind of chances am I looking at to get a student visa, so I don?t waste money and time applying to a university the CIC won?t let me attend. (I would strictly follow all the rules associated with a student visa, but I have read here that they won?t give nonimmigrant visas while skilled application is still in process.)

Thanks a bunch,

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if you intend to be in the US for 2 years, then I would transfer your file. It does not take more than 2 years to be processed from the US and if you must attend an interview... where would you like that to take place - US or would you want to travel back to Rome.
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It is quite possible that it may take you longer than 2 years to get the visa processed if you are applying for it from outside your home country. For more information, you can check processing times at a particular consulate but do not postulate yourself being an average case at that consulate because your case will be represntative of "non-ordinary" cases being processed outside the applicant´s home country.

So if I were making a decision about studying based upon that, I would definitely choose Canada over US.

There would be some distinct advanatges:
1. Your will get acclimatized with the canadian system while in college and develop networks that will help you find a job.
2. Will be able to show Canadian study qualifications during the interview assuming you would be close to completion by the time of the interview.

The catch is getting the student visa while the permanent residence application is being processed. I would say that since you have just applied for the permanent residence, it might be worth revoking it, applying for the student visa and after getting the student visa, apply for permanent residence sometime later in Canada

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Thanks for the input folks.

Does anybody know about anyone who actually got a Canadian student visa while skilled visa was still in process?

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Answer to Sharon: I would want a U.S.-based interview.
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