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I wounder like what is the main reson to be rejected in a interview and why. so how hard is to get a visa to canada, if so wanna get selected what sort of document is request the importants. Why is that we are requred paper invatiotion to get a visa why no like some countries visa on the spot at the airports, as person who have no one in canada then what areto do if there do what to travel then. I would be really nice if there is any other way, So last one I wounder like there all kind sort of people travel or entering the embassy for visa but there are some with proper documnet (real) where there are some with no proper document (fake) but even then the officer do granted them visa even with fake documnet, are there no able to the differnces.

Love to hear some good advices

Cluess Boy

Cluess boy
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you question is not very clear. Are you asking about permanent immigration or Visitors visa?

In a post 9/11 world and in a world where the desire to migrate is so high... governments are wanting to be sure who is entering their country and why. Not only that...they want to be sure they leave again! Hence, you must apply for visas, provide proof that you have enough money for your trip, prove you have motivation to go home, and prove where you are going and what you will do inside Canada.

If you cannot satisfy an embassy official about your intentions then they have every right and obligation to decline your request to enter the country.

I cannot make out your question about legitimate and fake documentation...

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Base on my understanding, you have to let CIC believe that you are qualified for the certain category of visa. For example, if you apply student permit, you have to show the proof of fund and you have make them believe you have reasons to come back instead of stay in Canada or illegal working without permit.
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