Nightmare experience on sending PR package

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Subject: Nightmare experience on sending PR package
Want to share my story Oct 2004 when I finish my entire PR skilled worker application package and send thru Post Canada.

Ok, it began from Oct 2004, after I finished half-year preparation of my PR application. It includes most confidential document including money order, passport copies, and reference letters and so on.

On Oct 10th 2004, I walked into Post Canada Wellington Road office Nanaimo, B.C.
I paid 21 dollars plus GST for Express Service to Buffalo NY. My nightmare was beginning. The Canada Post officer mistakably gave me the claim form that was supposed sent domestically in Canada. Of course, I don??t know. Post Canada officers past me the track number.

One week, two week, I just kept checking track number online. The only thing shows online was?? received by Post Canada??. Two weeks after I shipped them, I phone 1-800-POST CANADA, the officer in the phone told me that it was return to you, should show up soon. Tried next day, different answer came out, it may be computer system failed.

I felt so worried about my entire confidential documents. If it lost, I have no way to make them back in short period, something like police clearance, reference and business card from B.C Transportation minister, photo I took in CBC studio with reference letters.

I rushed to the Wellington Road Post Canada officer, the original office that I sent my package. One officer past me a form indicated U.S post service website, tell me to use POST CANADA track number and track over there. He treated me like a kid, I don??t think it gonna work. That was what I told that officer. ??Just have a try please??.

Go home and try, of course not work, back. And past the track number to them, let them try again. ??Computer said it was return, I don??t have further information??. I was so pissed; I told them I have tons of confidential documents in there. My voice is kind of loud over there. Nanaimo people are kind of warm heart, customers like those senior lady will ask you, what??s wrong. And I told them what happen. ?? Oh, no, my goodness?? this that.

Canada post local manager Bob had to give a tracker form to fill, which is something like authorizes an officer to search entire post system for a missing mail. He told me it could take up to 15 business days.

I kept phone 1-800 Canada post two times a day. Go to local office 2 times a day for a week. I feel so pissed off, how comes express mail can be vanished? I know they don??t like me show up too, each time when I go there, it??s a bad custom-relationship. Custom will ask me what??s going on, I have to tell them a story that my package was vanished.

The terrible nightmare came at the 6 days of ??tracker service??. The local Post Canada manager told me there is possible that your package was delivery failure. I asked him?? Dear Manager, could you please use terminology that we can understand, what is ?? delivery failure??. He told me that it means package was somehow stolen or missing.

I totally felt shock. How the hell it happened, unless there are internal thieves in your office. Suddenly he told me there was possibility that somehow they manage to find it later; let??s say a month.

After I discuss with my lawyer, used to be my lawyer went to RCMP with me after my house was destroyed by indoor-grow op. I wrote a written statement and took to Post Canada Wellington Office, and told them that forget about search or not. I will have a settlement with Post Canada on next Monday if nothing heard back. First gonna phone RCMP report lost all the confidential documents, then let??s go to court for civil suit.

Two hours later, just two hours, what a efficiency. I got a call from Post Canada region manger. Told me that my package actually has already arrived. After their?? Internal investigation??, what happened was local post officer mistakenly use wrong claim form and let package return by US custom to their Nanaimo office. Without my permission, they open my package, and put everything in the right envelope and sent it to Buffalo. It actually had already arrived for a week. However, second time, they use different envelope, that??s why I don??t have track number.

Is that possible, people without permission and open my package, I asked that region manger. ??Sorry, we are doing internal investigation, it??s confidential, no comment right now??.

I went back to the local post office. Give them my receipt for the shipping and gas receipt. I told them, please refund me 21 dollars shipping fee and 100 dollars if possible. And they actually did. At last, local manger told me:?? We, Canada Post, a international good reputation company, don??t worry, we promise to deliver package on time, you see???

??Excuse me, me, Yijie, a human being without disable disease. I promise I will go to washroom and pee in toilet. Is that what you Canada Post promised to custom?????

Whole post office was laughing to die. Anyway, nothing damage at last, lucky me.

Conclusion and experience
1. There is possibility that your last step before hand in PR will go wrong. Therefore be careful to select the courier service.
2. After incident happened, we are small guys on the bottom of the society. everybody will kick responsibility around. Canada post attitude are rude. Hang up my phone, ??it??s not my fault?? until, ask your lawyer came out and ask for settlement.
3. Always keep written statement, receipt and any written evidence for future argument.
4. Ask what you should have. Because people like us, English is a second language people, they think you are naive or know a little about how the system works. Let them know you are not chicken.

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