Confusion in the new law :(

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Subject: Confusion in the new law :(
I am confused about the new Law:
"The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)announced today that most spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, regardless of their status, will be allowed to remain in Canada while their immigration application is being considered. The change, which applies to couples who are in a genuine relationship, comes into effect immediately.
Thus, those whose status has expired but who are in genuine marriages will be allowed to remain while their sponsored PR applications are processed. Previously they would have had to return to thei rhome countries and been processed overseas."

I am in india right now. I was on work-permit in Canada till February and just came back.While I was in Canada I had applied for PR at Buffalo. Now I am marrying to a girl who is PR in Canada.
So there are a couple of questions I need clariifcation on :

1)Should I withdraw m application from Buffalo office and file a new application in india? much time would it take to get PR in this case as my wld be wife is a PR.

2)As per the new law, a person can stay in canada after such marriage while his application is under process.So Would I be elligible to enter Canada after marrying that girl which my application is under process? On what kind of Visa..would there be new visa for this category and what would be my status in Canada while my application is in process?

Please help me

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Best option for you is to get married, get sponsored under the family class immigration from India.

Believe it or not India is one of the fastest posts in the world for spouse sponsorship avg time 1 to 3 MONTHS!!!!

Skilled worker from Buffalo 18 to 24 months.

Only problem is that your wife will have to go back to Canada after marriage and then sponsor you. So it will be a separation from your newly wed wife for 1 to 3 months.

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Re question #2. Your chances of entering Canada post marriage on a visitors visa are very small. Rules about sponsorship have changed for those already in Canada upon application but not for those applying outside of Canada. Especially if the wait times are so reasonable in India. CIC officials would likely decline you and suggest you simply wait until the documents are complete.

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Thanks a lot for the information:)
My company is sending me Canada for another month or so.So would it better for me to Get married in Canada only and apply for immigration under "familiy class" from there.In that case I can be in canada While my application is beingprocessed, as per the new law?Am I right?

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yes. that is my understanding of the new policy. you can wait out your sponsorship application from within Canada - and with your partner.
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i want to withdraw my application for P.R. request for immigrate to canada.i have applied on point basis under skilled worker cattegory
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you need to send a letter to CIC stating your wishes. Be sure to include your file number and all relevant contact information.
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