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Subject: Please advice!!!!!
  I am prosecuted in my home country becoze I like sucking cock. I was told that Canada accepts a lot of cock-suckers as a refugee. If I stay in my country (it is very religious country) I will have to become a CUNT-PUSHERin order to be accepted by the society of hypocrite catholics .
You know, they say the BiBle says you must be a cunt-pusher to go to heaven. But I hate cunts, they stink like rotten fish.
I was considering to arrive in Vancouver but there´s a lot of chinese guys and chinese guys have small dicks.
If there´s an old whore around this forum could I get some input of what´s my best choice??

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ah yes, it is Friday night.
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You would definitely qualify under a skilled worker program since there is a huge shortage of people like you in Canada.
Please read instructions here

Bob Harris
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he will not only qualify but will be given a priority as serious shortage of people in his field
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I didn´t read such type of field in skilled worker class! if they includ filed name ´ cock -suker´ , den i have to change ma mind innit!
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We will sure be glad to have you in canada sa we are looking for your type.

welocme to Canada


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