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Subject: Interview Waived
  Dear Freinds!

I had applied for PR from Buffalo in Sept 2001. Due to situations beyond control I had to move back to India in Aug 2003. I had requested for a file transfer to N.Delhi and my request was accepted. The file was transfered in March 2004.

On February 5th, 2005 I have received a communication stating that the Interview is waived and instructed me to undergo Medicals (they had enclosed the medicals forms with the above letter), send PCC´s, Landing Fee and Passports.

I have completed the Medicals, Got the local PCC and waiting for FBI report. Meanwhile, my qusetion is can we renew the passport after doing the medicals, as my son who is 5+ yrs, his pp is expiring on Oct 8, 2005. Will it be okay if I renew the validity and mail them for stamping. In which case he will be issued a new pp (with a new pp number), of course the old PP number will aso be endorsed.

Please advise as I have just 20 days to clear this task.

Advance Thanx

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Would be very curious to know how long the process got delayed due to the transfer of the file. At what stage were you at Buffalo when you transferred the file? And what happened from Aug 03 to March 04? Did it take so long to just transfer the file?


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You should definately renew the passport of your son. After you get the new passport just send a letter to inform New Delhi of the change along with a photocopy of the new passport.

Thanks for the reply (in reply to: Interview Waived)
Kenny Thanx for your valuable suggestion.

Meanwhile here is the flow details of my file, just in case, some one needs:

Applied in Sept 2001 at Buffalo

AOR November 2001

April 2003 received Medical forms along with the message that the file is transfered for Interview to Detroit Post.

August 2003, my self moved to India.

Interview Scheduled for Jan 2004.

Jan 2004 requested to transfer the file to N.Delhi.

March 2004 N.Delhi started processing the file with a new "B" series file number.

Jan 31st, 2005 received interview Waiver notice along with Medicals, and instructed me to mail the PCC´s, Passports and RPRF. The dead line for me to send all the above is March 31st, 2005.

Now, is it possible to guess, howlong is the process for me to receive the visa´s.

Advance thanx once again.


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