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Subject: Paris.... No AOR Yet..
  Starchief I have sponsered my husband who is European.(swedish)
I recieved confirmation on Jan 21 that I was eligible as a sponser The letter said docs would be sent to Paris as we Live in france,but since then nothing.. Is this normal as I am sure this should be a straight forward spousal application all medical and police reports sent,+ certificate of marriage, pics etc and my husband has only lived in northern european countries so background check should be quick. Could you please share your time line or any -one else who has made a spousal application through Paris



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Hi Mogs,

It seems to be that your case is progressing on time. According to Paris´ website, within 3 months, a letter is sent acknowledging receipt of the application and giving the personal file number. I received my AOR in less then one month after it was transferred to Paris. I am not sure at the moment what kind of backlog Paris has but they state on their website that the average processing times for spousal applications is 6 months. My case was a special and took a bit longer then normal. However, below is my timeline for those interested:

July 2003: Sponsorship accepted
August 2003: AOR
November 2003: Decision made, husband inadmissible
November 2003: Appeal to IAD was made
May 2004: Received date for hearing in Toronto
November 2004: Hearing in Toronto, appeal granted/successful
December 2004: IAD gave order to send file back to Paris
February 8 2005: Paris informed me file was reopened & request for updated documents and pictures was sent
March 2 2005: PR visa ready to be issued after RPRF is paid

So as you can see, I didn´t have a normal application in terms of processing times. But in the end, we have the decision we hoped for and it was worth the wait for us. We hope to move at the end of July if all goes smoothly. I am looking forward to moving back home :-)

I would say that you have nothing to worry about at the moment. I am sure that you will get your AOR anytime. Just hang in there, the waiting can be very frustrating. Good luck with your application.


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Thanks for your reply

I will just have to except this kind of delay..
Looking foward to going back as well,my whole family are
so happy. Vancouver always stays with you!!!!!

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