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Subject: Application finally the waiting begins
  Hello everyone...we finally sent the application package this morning. We found a courier that would send to a
PO BOX......our package weighed 1.5 kg or 3.3 pounds.

Some people here already know that our DMP forgot to sign the Medical form...we got that back and all is OK now, we hope. Too late to do anything about it. One good thing that came from him forgetting to sign was that we checked all forms again this morning and found one small space we had forgetten to sign. Everything happens for a reason and now all seems to be OK>

I wish everyone luck with the process. We are now actively part of the "CIC World of Waiting" We will enjoy it as much as we can.

Thanks to everyone who has offered advice and/or support.
We will keep you all up to date on what happens next.



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